Terms and Conditions


We ask all members to read the following Terms and Conditions carefully and to abide by them for the benefit of all. Thank you. 

Table of Contents 
1. General 
2. Acknowledgement and Acceptance 
3. Terms of Registration 
4. Payment 
5. Competitions and Prize Draws 
6. Surveys, Mystery Shopping, Research Assignments
7. 3rd Party Surveys
8. Refer a friend campaign
9. Termination 
10. Website Content 
11. Polls
12. Privacy & Data Protection
13. Use of Cookies 
14. Information We Collect and Uses of that Information 
15. Use of Your Data for Analytical and Statistical Purposes 
16. Legal Requirements to Provide Data 
17. Unique Quote Research Project 
18. Use of External Suppliers 
19. Further Information 
1. General 
1.1. This section states the Terms and Conditions under which you may use the www.viewsbank.com, domain belonging to Consumer Intelligence Ltd., whose place of business is at Runway East,1 Victoria Street, Redcliffe, Bristol BS1 6AA.
Our company registration number is 4954720. 
1.2. Use of the Website, membership of the panel set up and administered by Consumer Intelligence, and participation in any other Viewsbank or Consumer Intelligence research activities is governed by these Terms and Conditions of use. If you do not accept the Terms and Conditions stated here, do not use this website and its services. 
2. Acknowledgement and Acceptance 
2.1. By clicking "Join now" or "Sign up" during the process of registration as a Viewsbank member, and by participating in any Viewsbank activity, you agree to be bound by these terms. 
2.2. Viewsbank reserves the right at any time to modify or amend these terms and conditions without notice to you. Membership and participation in Viewsbank activities is subject to you acknowledging any modification and agreeing to be bound by the modified terms. 
3. Terms of Registration 
3.1. To become a member of the Viewsbank panel, you must register and create an account following the registration process set out on the site. 
3.2. Information provided during the registration process, all the information you provide must be true, accurate, current and complete. 
3.3. Membership details must be maintained and updated so as to keep them true, accurate, current and complete. 
3.4. If you provide any information that is untrue, inaccurate, not current or incomplete – or if Viewsbank believes this to be the case – Viewsbank reserves the right to suspend your account until such details have been thoroughly checked. Photographic identification may be requested by Viewsbank in order to prove your identity on such occasions.
3.5. Only one panel membership profile is permitted per person. Any member found to have multiple panel membership profiles may have any or all of those profiles suspended. Viewsbank may require proof of identity in the case of any dispute. 
3.6. Each member must use a unique email address to register with the panel, and must provide full name and address information. This is in order that we can confirm member identity and process payment to the correct and proper person. 
3.7 Viewsbank membership is only available to permanent residents of the United Kingdom. If you are based outside of the United Kingdom and manage to create an account, Viewsbank reserve the right to close your account without notice or payment for any surveys, projects or other activities you may have taken part in.
4. Payment 
4.1. Payment for any activity conducted as a member of the Viewsbank panel is made online via PayPal to the email address with which members are registered to us . This needs to match a working PayPal account. If there is no PayPal account registered to the email address we have paid, an email will be received and you will have 30 days to claim your money by setting up a PayPal account, after 30 days the money will be returned to us. If there has previously been a PayPal account at the email address we have paid and it is either locked or closed, the payment will bounce back to us. Remember, you can always update your information via the "My account" tab. 
4.2. Payments for research assignments and competitions are calculated on the last day of each month. Any earnings accrued during a month are paid on the second Tuesday of the following month – provided the threshold of £12.00 has been reached. Any earnings below the threshold amount will be carried over to the following month. Member referral payments may be dealt with separately. Please note your account payment history will show a "pending payment" the Friday before payday and your account balance reduced to reflect this, do not be alarmed as this is part of the payment process.
4.3. In order to receive any payments you need to first verify your account. Once you've completed the Registration form on joining, you will receive a confirmation email from us. You MUST click on the link that you receive in your confirmation email in order to activate and verify your account. If you believe that you have not received this email, please check your Junk or Spam folder. It only needs to be done once and will need to be done before the last day of the month to receive your payment on the next pay day.
4.4. Payments will only be earned through following all and any instructions regarding the project in question. A member's failure to correctly follow any required instructions or procedures may result in no payment being processed, for which the member will have no recourse against Viewsbank. 
4.5. Members should be aware that any payments derived from activities involving Viewsbank may be deemed to be income, and so members should make the necessary declarations to HM Revenue & Customs. 
4.6. If a member's account remains inactive for a period of 6 months or longer, any unclaimed earnings may be reclaimed by Viewsbank. An active member is defined by someone that has a registered and validated account and who has actively partcipated in Viewsbank or 3rd party provider assignments, or has engaged in community discussions, Admin Polls and Member Polls in the last 6 months.
4.7. Viewsbank reserves the right to change the range of activities through which payments can be accrued and to vary the frequency of invitation and level of payment for such activities. 
4.8 Viewsbank members participate in third party surveys on the Viewsbank site at their own risk, and understand that if the surveys contain errors, broken functionality or simply do not work as expected, payment may not be received and their time may not be compensated, which is covered below in 7.
5. Competitions and Prize Draws 
5.1. Competitions and prize draws will have their own terms and conditions that will apply, and these will be made available at the time of notification. 
5.2. By taking part in prize draws and competitions offered by Consumer Intelligence, participants agree that (unless they state otherwise) their first name, location and submitted photo may be published on the Viewsbank website or its social media accounts, should a prize be won. 
5.3 All competitions run by Viewsbank on our social media platforms are done so at our discretion and may be withdrawn without notice or payment of prizes at any time.
5.4 By entering our social media competitions you agree to abide by Viewsbank's terms and conditions.
5.5 You must be a member of the Viewsbank website in order in to receive any prize. Prizes will be as stated in the competition post with no alternative offered. Prizes if monetary will be credited to your Viewsbank account unless otherwise stated. Other prizes may be sent via post or email if necessary.
5.6  Winners are selected based on the criteria for the competition and are done so at Viewsbank's discretion. The same person can only win one social media competition each week. You may still enter the competitions but will not be chosen as the winner if you have already won that week. You may only enter the competition for yourself and not in the name of, or for the benefit of other members or people.
5.7 Consumer Intelligence/Viewsbank reserve the right not to pay or award prizes to entrants if we believe winning the competition has occurred through dishonest means, deliberate cheating or manipulation. Members found to be doing any of these may be removed and banned from entering future competitions. 
6. Surveys, Mystery Shopping, Research Assignments 
6.1. Members will normally be notified by email of any surveys, mystery shopping projects or other work assignments for which they are eligible. In addition, all eligible work opportunities will be posted on the "My Assignments" page of the Viewsbank website and visible to members when logged in. 
6.2. Certain assignments may specify quotas or have a maximum number of respondents required. In these instances, Viewsbank adopts a first come, first served policy and urges members to complete surveys and apply for assignments as quickly as possible to avoid missing out. 
6.3. Members are under no obligation to complete the projects to which they are invited, but if participation is accepted, projects must be completed by the specified deadline. 
6.4 If projects are not completed within the specified timeframe, the work will not be accepted and payment will not be made. 
6.5. Members agree that they will undertake any projects to which they agree both sincerely and objectively. 
6.6. We take the quality of our research work very seriously. Results and analysis are provided to clients so that they can improve their products, service and pricing. Accordingly, the Viewsbank compliance team checks all surveys and research projects to ensure their validity and quality. In the event of inaccurate, inconsistent, incoherent responses or other suspect information provided by members, Viewsbank reserves the right to take action against the member as outlined in clause 9.4. 
The 'two strikes' rule states that for one offence, members will receive a warning. For the second offence, members will receive no payment for that or any other previous work undertaken, and will be removed from the Viewsbank panel. They will have 48 hours to appeal by providing a satisfactory explanation for their behaviour. If no such explanation is provided, or if the explanation is not satisfactory, then the member will be removed. 
6.7. Offences that may cause Viewsbank to take action against a member include but are not limited to: straight-lining (selecting the same response in grid questions multiple times), speeding (completing a project at an unrealistic speed), answering inconsistently, miss-selection of dummy answers, poor-quality responses to open-ended questions, and re-tries. The latter refers to the practice of attempting to complete the same survey twice with different answers.

7. 3rd Party Surveys
7.1. The 3rd party surveys offered through the Viewsbank website are not affiliated with Viewsbank.
7.2. Viewsbank acts solely as a platform to provide access to these surveys and does not endorse or guarantee the content, accuracy, or reliability of the surveys or the actions of the 3rd party companies.
7.3. By choosing to participate in a 3rd party survey, you do so voluntarily and at your own risk.
7.4. Viewsbank is not liable for any errors, issues, or problems that may occur while taking the 3rd party surveys.
7.5. If you encounter any errors or difficulties during the survey, it is your responsibility to report the issue to Viewsbank's helpdesk.
7.6. Viewsbank will make reasonable efforts to notify the relevant 3rd party companies about the reported issues to facilitate the resolution.
7.7. In case of any errors occurring during a 3rd party survey, Viewsbank is not obligated to pay for that survey.
7.8. Viewsbank's payment is contingent upon successful completion of surveys as determined by the specific terms and conditions set by the 3rd party company.
7.9. 3rd party surveys are available on a first-come, first-served basis.
7.10. Viewsbank does not guarantee the availability of any specific 3rd party survey.
7.11. Survey availability may be subject to limitations imposed by the 3rd party companies, including demographic criteria, quota requirements, or other restrictions.
7.12.Viewsbank reserves the right to modify or terminate the availability of 3rd party surveys at any time without prior notice.
7.13.By agreeing to partcipate in third-party surveys, you understand and consent that the data you provide during the survey may be collected and stored in the United States.
7.14.Your data may include,but not limited to, personal information such as name, email address, demographic information, survey responses and any other information you voluntarily provide during the survey.
7.15.Viewsbank may also update or modify these terms and conditions without prior notice. It is your responsibility to review them periodically.


8. Refer a friend campaign
8.1. To participate in the “Refer a friend” campaign, you must be an existing Viewsbank member and opted into the Unique Quote Research Project for a minimum of 90 days at the time of the referal. If you are not opted in and wish to do so please contact Sam Jenkins: Sam.Jenkins@viewsbankhelpdesk.raiseaticket.com.
8.2. If you successfully refer a friend to Viewsbank using the "Refer a friend" unique link found on the website and they register, opt into the UQR project, and validate their email address, both you and your friend will receive a £2.50 reward in your Viewsbank account. Please refer to clause 4. Payments. in our T’s & C’s.
8.3.To qualify for the reward of £2.50, the referred friend must be signed up to the Viewsbank Platform and part of the Unique Quote Research Project for a minimum of 90 days. The reward will only be added to their Viewsbank account after the 90 day qualifying period.
8.4. The referral reward will only be valid if the referred friend meets all the eligibility criteria as stated above and the same applies to the existing Viewsbank member who referred their friend.
8.5. Referral Limit: You will only receive the "refer a friend" reward for up to 25 eligible referrals, as this represents the maximum number of members that one Viewsbank Member may refer.
8.6. Payment of Rewards: The referral bonuses will be credited to your Viewsbank account within 30 working days’ time after the referred friend has met the eligibility criteria.
8.7.To qualify for the reward of £2.50, the referred friend must be signed up to the Viewsbank Platform and part of the Unique Quote Research Project for a minimum of 90 days. The reward will only be added to their Viewsbank account after the 90 day qualifying period.
8.8. Fraudulent Activity: Viewsbank reserves the right to refuse or reclaim the referral reward if it suspects fraudulent activity.By participating in the Viewsbank refer a friend campaign, you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.
8.9. The "refer a friend" link is intended solely for sharing with your friends and family and should not be utilized as a link on any business or personal social media platforms, nor should it be employed for monetization purposes.

9. Termination 
9.1. If you no longer wish to be a member, you can notify Viewsbank by using the Contact form on this website or emailing Sam.Jenkins@viewsbankhelpdesk.raiseaticket.com. Viewsbank will then cease to contact you, subject to a 30 day administration period. In terminating membership, any accumulated earnings below the required payment threshold will be forfeited. 
9.2. Members agree that Viewsbank may suspend or terminate your membership should any of these Terms and Conditions be breached. 
9.3 If the termination of a member’s account is the result of behaviour reported by a third party, or considered by Viewsbank/Consumer intelligence, to fall into any of the below listed categories, any accumulated earnings that have not already been paid by Viewsbank to the member will be considered null and void, and the member will be removed from the Viewsbank panel.  
9.4 Members who break the rules or fail to comply with our terms and conditions for the first time will receive a warning. If a member continues to break the rules after receiving a warning, Viewsbank reserves the right to suspend their account for a 7 day “cooling off” period. If a member continues to break the rules even after this 7 day period has finished, Viewsbank will suspend their account for a further 30 days, after which time any further violation of our terms and conditions will result in the member being permanently banned from the site without payment. In extreme circumstances, Viewsbank also reserves the right to permanently ban members without payment or notice, and without following the procedure outlined above.  
9.5 Behaviour which will constitute grounds for account termination without payment includes but is not limited to that which is: defamatory, offensive or abusive towards other members or staff members, of an obscene or pornographic nature, or is illegal or constitutes a breach of any applicable law, regulation or code of practice. 
9.6 Viewsbank reserves the right to remove and destroy immediately and without notice to the creator any content generated by a member on the Website which is judged by Viewsbank/Consumer Intelligence to be defamatory, offensive or abusive, of an obscene or pornographic nature, or is illegal or constitutes a breach of any applicable law, regulation or code of practice.  
9.7 Members will not be held accountable for previous warnings that they have received regarding their behaviour within Viewsbank, providing that such warnings were received more than 6 months in the past.
9.8 Should a member knowingly duplicate another member’s content, or otherwise infringe on their intellectual property, this behaviour will be dealt with using a ‘two strikes’ rule in the same form as that listed above in 6.6 and 6.7 regarding data manipulation and corruption. The member will be notified and warned regarding their behaviour, and the duplicated content will be removed. If they repeat the offence, their account will be terminated.  
9.9 Consumer Intelligence reserves the right to terminate the Viewsbank panel and/or website at any time. In such a case, any accumulated earnings will  be non-redeemable. Consumer Intelligence will endeavour to notify all members of the termination period, however, Consumer Intelligence will not be liable for failure to notify any member regardless of reasons. 
10. Website 
10.1. The contents of the Viewsbank website and of all other websites under Consumer Intelligence's control such as text, graphics, images, logos, button icons, software and other website content are protected under copyright laws. 
10.2. All website Content is the property of Viewsbank/Consumer Intelligence or its content suppliers. You may not sell or modify the website Content or reproduce, display, publicly perform, distribute or otherwise use the website Content in any way for any public or commercial purpose. The use of the website Content on any other website or in a networked computer environment for any purpose is prohibited.  
10.3  Any Content generated on the Viewsbank website is the property of Viewsbank/Consumer Intelligence. Consumer Intelligence has the right to use any user generated content as it sees fit.  Consumer Intelligence also reserves the right to use any content generated on Viewsbank's social media channels, including but not limited to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
10.4 Content generated by members on the Viewsbank site, or its associated social media channels does not represent the views of Viewsbank or Consumer Intelligence.
10.5 Users may not use the website in order to display, transmit, distribute, store or destroy material including, without limitation, website Content, (a) in violation of any applicable law or regulation, or (b) in a manner that will infringe the copyright, trademark, trade secret or other intellectual property rights of others or violate the privacy, publicity or other personal rights of others. 
10.6 This Site is intended solely for users who are seventeen (17) years of age or older. 
10.7 Users are prohibited from violating or attempting to violate the security of the Viewsbank or any Consumer Intelligence Site including, accessing data not intended for such user or logging into a server or account which the user is not authorised to access, attempting to probe or test the vulnerability of a system or network or to breach security or authentication measures without proper authorisation, attempting to interfere with service to any user, host or network including, without limitation, via means of submitting a virus to any Consumer Intelligence Site, overloading or forging any TCP/IP packet header or any part of the header information in any e-mail or newsgroup posting. Violations of system or network security may result in civil or criminal liability. 
10.8 Viewsbank may be used only for lawful purposes by individuals willing to participate in surveys, mystery shopping or other research related projects run by Consumer Intelligence.

11. Polls
11.1 Members of Viewsbank with a valid account are able to post polls and/or comment on polls within the polls section of the website.
11.2 All member created content in the polls sections of the website is subject to the rules outlined in sections 6 and 9 of our terms and conditions.
11.3 Member created polls should be created so that they are as fair and unbiased as possible to allow members with different views to have their say. Any polls that are deemed unreasonably biased towards one person’s view may be subject to removal without notice.
11.4 Everyone is entitled to their own opinion – please be respectful of that. Just because members have different opinions it doesn’t make one member right and the other wrong.
11.5 The Viewsbank website and polls should not be used to push your own political agenda. Members who repeatedly post polls attacking one political party or figure may have their content removed from the site without notice or explanation.
11.6 Member created polls should also not be regularly repeated – if we deem that a member is posting repeat polls too often, or copying another member’s polls we may remove the poll at our sole discretion.
11.7 Viewsbank reserves the right to remove any polls/comments added to the site by its members at our absolute discretion without giving any reason or notice.
11.8 Trending Polls are member-created polls that have received the most votes from other Viewsbank members of the community (highest number of votes on a Member Poll = Trending Poll) The top 5 Trending Polls will be displayed on the Trending Polls page on the Website. There is only one Trending Poll winner per day.
11.9 Each Viewsbank panel member may only be credited winnings for one Trending Poll a week.
11.10 Each Trending Poll winner will have points credited to their Viewsbank account. Please see the payment terms and conditions outlined in clause 4.

12. Privacy & Data Protection
Viewsbank takes your privacy seriously and takes every reasonable precaution to safeguard the personal information you supply to it.  
The Legal Entity and Data Controller is Consumer Intelligence Limited who are registered under the GDPR with registration number Z8560778. The information you provide is safeguarded under the terms of that Act.  
When you sign up to become a member of Viewsbank you will be asked to provide certain personal profile information. This information is not made available to any organisations for marketing purposes of any description. Viewsbank only uses this information to confirm your suitability for specific surveys and other such research assignments. We do not and will never share any of your personal information with third parties without your consent.
Personal information is sometimes used differently for users who have opted in to take part in the Unique Quote Research Project and voluntarily taken a 3rd party survey, which is covered in sections 7 and 17. You can also read more about our Unique Quote Research project here.
You warrant that the information you provide is accurate and truthful. The data you provide to Consumer Intelligence will be held as you have provided it. You may at any time view all of the data that we store on you by visiting your account page and selecting "all my data". You may also request to be forgotten at any time by visiting your account page and selecting "forget me". Upon submitting a forget me request, your request will be added to a processing queue, after which your account and any personal data you have provided will be deleted, and any content you have created will be anonymised. If you have ever been paid by Viewsbank, we are required under law to retain some information, but this will be strictly limited to financial records of transactions that have taken place.
As part of the service which we provide you, Viewsbank will contact you via email with invitiations to take part in online surveys and other projects that we consider you to have a legitimate interest in as a member. We also send account based and transactional emails. You can unsubscribe from our emails at any time should you wish to, and surveys and projects will still be offered to you via your assignements page as long as you remain a member. If you choose to unsubcribe from emails, we recommend that you login regualrly to ensure you do not miss out on the opportunity to take part in new projects and surveys as they appear.
13. Use of Cookies 
Viewsbank does not use resident cookies to collect or store data on your hard disk, but does use session variables to store data in your browser, which ensures sufficient functionality of our site. A session variable is a temporary cookie stored in your browser memory that expires when you close your browser. Viewsbank tracks visitors to and on the Viewsbank site by using referrer tracking. Viewsbank uses click thru and open mail tracking when sending emails. This process allows Viewsbank the ability to profile and analyse the recipients of their communications. 
14. Information we collect and Uses of that Information 
We do not collect personal information when you visit our site unless you register. The information gathered at the time of registration (such as your email address, postal code, age and income level etc) is used to determine your suitability for surveys, mystery shopping and other research assignments. Your contact details are only used to appraise you of assignments available. You may choose not to receive future mailings. When you submit feedback or questions via email, or contact us for information about our website, we will request your name and email address. We use this information solely to respond to your inquiries. We do not sell, rent, or otherwise disclose your personal information to any third parties, again with the exception of members who have been invited to take part in the Unique Quote Research project or volantarily participated in 3rd party surveys. Again, if you are one such member, please see sections 7 and 17. We do not use your mailing address information for unsolicited marketing. 
15. Use of Your Data for Analytical and Statistical Purposes 
Your data together with that of other Viewsbank members may be aggregated at Postcode or other levels for the building of statistical and analytical tables. At no time will your data be individually identifiable in such tables. 
16. Legal Requirements to Provide Data 
Viewsbank will not provide your personal information to any third party without your prior consent; however, under certain circumstances the force of law may require the provision of information to the legal authorities. In order to maintain the integrity of its website and safeguard the interests of its subscribers Viewsbank will comply with any such legally binding request. 
17. Unique Quote Research Project  
17.1 Every time that Viewsbank intends to use a member’s details for its Unique Quote Research Project the member will be notified, and given the option to opt-out at any point.  
17.2 If a member consents to take part in the Unique Quote Research Project, their personal information will be used and shared with third parties in order to perform research on market trends.  
17.3 This data will be aggregated at Postcode or other levels for the building of statistical and analytical tables. 
17.4 The analytical and statistical results of this research may be sold, rented, or otherwise shared with third parties by Viewsbank/Consumer Intelligence. 
17.5 We may share personal details of Unique Quote Research Project members directly with insurers. For more information on how they handle your data click this link for their Data Privacy Notices
17.6 All reasonable measures will be taken to prevent a member being contacted for unsolicited marketing or by any third parties as a result of this process. 
17.7 All reasonable measures will be taken to ensure that every member’s personal information is protected and secure. 
17.8 At all times Viewsbank/Consumer Intelligence will act in accordance with the Data Protection Act 2018.
17.9 If you opt out of the Unique Quote Research Project after already being selected for a particular project, please note that your details may continue to be used for up to 3 months whilst that original project is ongoing. This may also apply if you request account deletion after already being selected. If you do not wish for this to be the case, please contact us directly by emailing Sam.Jenkins@viewsbankhelpdesk.raiseaticket.com and we will aim to remove you from the project as soon as practicable, and you will still be paid for all use up until the point you are removed. Once opted out you will not be selected for any future Unique Quote Research projects where participants are selected after your opt out date.

18. Use of External Suppliers 
Viewsbank may from time to time use third party suppliers or partner with approved organisations to provide all or part of a service to you. Viewsbank shall only be entitled to supply such of your personal information as is necessary to enable them to provide the relevant service to you. You should be aware that such outside service providers might be based in countries outside the European Union whose laws provide for a different standard of protection for your personal data than that provided under English law. In such circumstance Viewsbank will have in place contractual arrangements which will require your data to be processed at least to a standard compliant with the GDPR 2018.
19. Further Information 
If you have any questions regarding the privacy policy of Viewsbank, or require any further information please email Sam.Jenkins@viewsbankhelpdesk.raiseaticket.com. Alternatively you may find the information you need via our FAQ Page.